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Hopefully you'll find everything you need here regarding the society and our long established history as well as information aboiut joining and membership fees.

Perth City Operatic group originated in 1964 with the purpose of providing not only a rich and rewarding hobby for its players but providing quality entertainment for the community. Perth audiences have always enjoyed the work of the legendary Gilbert & Sullivan and for over 20 years they ran through the most popular and enjoyable pieces that glorious team ever produced.


Laced through the history of the society you will find a taste of more modern West End and Broadway musicals which the society embraced and which were equally loved by the people of Perth.The society name has only changed recently from Perth Cathedral Operatic Society which reflected its links to the city Cathedral. With city status being conferred on Perth recently and a recognition of our wider links, the change to Perth City Operatic seems like it was an appropriate move, The society is, however, fondly termed as "COG" by members and audiences alike.


With the support of audiences and charitable trusts like the Gannochy and the Jimmy Cairncross Trust the society has managed to weather a difficult financial climate whilst always maintaing high production values and performance, often due to the hard work of all the members getting the best deals for production costs and getting their hands dirty making sets, props and costumes.



For many years the society has been based in the theatre facilities at Perth Grammar School but have now moved to the larger venue of the North Inch Community Campus which incorporates St John's Academy.  The society takes great pride in developing and providing opportunities in all aspects of the stage and the production, involving young people in their first adventures across the stage and providing more experienced members with chances to stretch their repertoire and skills.  It is by embracing new members, new shows and new challenges that are the core of what makes PCOG so successful. The goal is always to add to the community arts culture in the city and provide a fabulous nights entertainment for the people in Perth.  We have as bright a future now as we have ever had. We thank the community of Perth for supporting the society in a multitude of ways and allowing its members a chance to shine




Membership is open to all from the ages of 16+. In many productions we require the support of local children in smaller roles and these are advertised in advance to give younger people the chance to tread the boards.





Full membership costs £70. This represents great value for members and is cheaper than many other societies of our size.


It is expected that members will contribute to the success of fundraising activities by dragging family members and friends along! Without raising funds of our own charitable trusts are less inclined to award any contribution to society funds. 




These take place from end April to start of September at the Lodge Stormont, Victoria Road in Scone on Mondays (ensemble) and Wednesdays (principals).


  • Rehearsals 7:30pm – 9:30pm

  • Pre Show Week Rehearsals 6pm – 9:45pm

  • Tech/Dress Sunday- 12pm – 9:45pm

  • Show Week – 6pm – 11pm

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